Dark Midnight Blue Linen Tablecloth

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Add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your table settings with our high-quality linen tablecloth in dark blue. Available in rectangle, square, and round shapes, our tablecloths come in a range of sizes, from long and small to large and wide, to match any table size. Crafted from premium-quality linen material, our tablecloths are durable, soft, and perfect for any occasion, whether it's a wedding, dinner party, or everyday use. They're easy to care for and maintain, ensuring they'll remain a staple in your collection for years to come. Whether you're a restaurant owner looking for a stylish and practical table cover solution or a home cook who wants to impress their guests with a beautiful table setting, our linen tablecloths are the perfect choice.

They're versatile and easy to style, making them suitable for any decor style. At our store, we understand that not all tables are created equal, which is why we offer custom sizes for our tablecloths. You can order a tablecloth that fits your table perfectly, ensuring a clean and polished look every time. Invest in our linen tablecloths today and elevate your table settings to the next level. Perfect for tableware enthusiasts who want to invest in timeless elegance and sophistication. Shop our collection now and find the perfect tablecloth for your needs.

• Made from European linen blend (60% linen and 40% cotton)
• OEKO-TEX certified fabric (no harmful chemicals used in production)
• Available in round, square and rectangle shapes.
• Weight 150-180 GSM (g/m2)
• Organic, soft and looks great for any kitchen & dining home, wedding



39*39" (100*100 cm)
59*59" (150*150 cm)
79*79" (200*200 cm)
98*98" (250*250 cm)
118*118" (300*300 cm)
138*138" (350*350 cm)
157*157" (400*400 cm)


39*59" (100*150 cm)
59*79" (150*200 cm)
59*98" (150*250 cm)
59*118" (150*300 cm)
59*134" (150*340 cm)
59*142" (150*360 cm)
59*150" (150*380 cm)
79*98" (200*250 cm)
79*110" (200*280 cm)
79*126" (200*320 cm)
79*138" (200*350 cm)
90*130" (230*330 cm)
94*157" (240*400 cm)


39" (100 cm)
59" (150 cm)
79" (200 cm)
90" (295 cm)

Tablecloths in some colors may have additional seams.

• machine wash gentle (30-40 C)
• do not bleach.
• Tumble dry gentle
• Wash separately or with similar colors.
We do not recommend to iron your linens but if you must, do it on low heat when the garment is still a little damp.

Actual colors may vary from those shown due to the nature of photographing and monitor color settings.

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Dark Midnight Blue Linen Tablecloth

  • Availability:  In Stock
  • Product Code:   Tablecloth
Free shipping for orders over $50