Ruffle Muslin Kids Blankets | Two-colors Throw

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Introducing our enchanting Ruffle Muslin Kids Two-Color Blankets, a delightful addition to your little one's world of comfort and style. Crafted with love and care, these blankets are designed to provide the perfect blend of coziness and breathability.

-  32 Stunning Colors to Choose From: We offer a wide array of 32 mesmerizing colors, so you can pick the one that matches your child's nursery decor or personality perfectly. Whether you prefer soft pastels or vibrant hues, we have a color to suit every taste.
-  Premium Quality Muslin Fabric: Made from ultra-soft, crinkle-textured cotton muslin, these blankets are not only incredibly gentle against your baby's delicate skin but also durable enough to withstand everyday use. The muslin fabric becomes softer with each wash, ensuring lasting comfort.
- Versatile and Functional: Our Ruffle Muslin Blankets are designed to be multipurpose. They are ideal as a cozy blanket for your newborn, a breathable throw for tummy time, or even a stylish stroller cover. The generous size of the blanket provides room for growth, making it a versatile accessory that will be cherished as your child grows.
-  Ruffle Edge Detail: The charming ruffle edge adds a touch of elegance to these blankets, making them a lovely addition to any nursery or baby shower gift.
-  Breathable and Safe: Muslin fabric is renowned for its breathability, helping to regulate your baby's body temperature for a comfortable sleep. You can rest easy knowing your little one is sleeping soundly and safely.
-  Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: Our Ruffle Muslin Kids Two-Color Blankets make a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents. Whether it's for a baby shower, birthday, or just because, these blankets are sure to be cherished.
- Easy Care: Cleaning is a breeze – simply toss these blankets in the washing machine, and they'll come out even softer and more cuddly than before.

Wrap your bundle of joy in the warmth and elegance of our Ruffle Muslin Kids Two-Color Blankets. With a rainbow of colors to choose from and unbeatable comfort, these blankets are sure to become an essential part of your baby's life. 

​​​• Made from 100% organic cotton
• OEKO-TEX certified (no harmful chemicals used in production)
• Completely hypoallergenic and allows the skin to breathe
• Medium Weight 310 GSM (g/m2)


1. Receiving Blanket: These are small blankets-  28 inches by 34 inches (71 cm by 86 cm). They are often used to swaddle newborns or as lightweight covers in a car seat or stroller.
2. Crib Blanket: A crib-sized blanket - 30 inches by 40 inches (76 cm by 102 cm). This size is suitable for babies and young toddlers and is often used in cribs or as a stroller blanket.
3. Toddler Bed Blanket - 40 inches by 60 inches (102 cm by 152 cm). These are designed for use in toddler beds and are larger than crib blankets to accommodate a growing child.
4. Twin Size Blanket: If your child has a twin-size bed, a twin-size blanket measuring 66 inches by 90 inches (168 cm by 229 cm) is a good choice. This size can also be used on larger beds for extra coverage.
5. Throw Blanket: Throw blankets are versatile and come in various sizes, but a smaller throw blanket measuring around 50 inches by 60 inches (127 cm by 152 cm) can work well for kids. They are great for snuggling on the couch or adding an extra layer of warmth to a bed.

* Personalized or Custom Sizes: You can also consider personalized or custom-sized blankets that cater to your child's specific needs or preferences.

• machine wash gentle (30-40 C)
• do not bleach.
• Tumble dry gentle
• Wash separately or with similar colors.

*Actual colors may vary from those shown due to the nature of photographing and monitor color settings.

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Ruffle Muslin Kids Blankets | Two-colors Throw

  • Availability:  In Stock
  • Product Code:   Muslin Kids Bedding
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