Washed cotton kids bedding

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Washed cotton kids bedding. Natural and soft pillowcase, fitted sheet, duvet cover or bedding set in various colors for girl and boy nursery.

Natural bedding the best investment in baby, toddler, kid and teen healthy sleep. The fully natural soft fabric allows the skin to breathe and providing a comfort sleep in crib at any time of the year. Fabric is completely hypoallergenic and organic.

• Custom size available
• Made from 100 % organic cotton fabric (washed)
• OEKO-TEX certified (no harmful chemicals used in production)
• Does not shrink
• Medium Weight 150 GSM (g/m2)
• Have an antibacterial, anti-static and anti-allergic properties
• Fitted sheet has high-quality elastic band around the entire perimeter.
• Duvet cover has envelope closure and buttons and 4 ties at the corners
• Pillowcases has envelope closure on one side (there is a pocket inside to hold a pillow)

35x49” - 90x125 cm
35x53” - 90x135 cm
43x49” - 110x125 cm
43x53” - 110x135 cm
43x67” - 110x170 cm
47x79” - 120x200 cm
55x79” - 140x200 cm

12x16” - 30x40 cm
14x22” - 35x55 cm
16x24” - 40x60 cm
20x24” - 50x60 cm
20x28” - 50x70 cm
20x32” - 50x80 cm

24x47x4” - 60x120x10 cm
28x51x4” - 70x130x10 cm
28x55x4” - 70x140x10 cm
28x63x4” - 70x160x10 cm
28x65x4” - 70x165x10 cm
28x79x4” - 70x200x10 cm
32x51x8” - 80x130x20 cm
32x55x8” - 80x140x20 cm
32x63x8” - 80x160x20 cm
32x65x8” - 80x165x20 cm
32x79x8” - 80x200x20 cm
36x51x8” - 90x130x20 cm
36x55x8” - 90x140x20 cm
36x65x8” - 90x165x20 cm
36x79x8” - 90x200x20 cm


Baby bedding set
Fitted sheet 24x47x4” - 60x120x10 cm
Duvet cover 43x49” - 110x125 cm
Pillowcase 14x22” - 35x55 cm

Toddler bedding set
Fitted sheet 32x79x8” - 80x200x20 cm
Duvet cover 55x79” - 140x200 cm
Pillowcase 20x24” - 50x60 cm

• machine wash gentle (30-40 C)
• do not bleach.
• Tumble dry gentle
• Wash separately or with similar colors.

Actual colors may vary from those shown due to the nature of photographing and monitor color settings.

If you can't find the color or size you are looking for please feel free to contact us, and we are happy to personalize beddding just for you.

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Washed cotton kids bedding

  • Availability:  In Stock
  • Product Code:   Bedding set
Free shipping for orders over $50